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    Yevgeni Demin General Director, SPLAT

    The SPLAT philosophy

    When you put your body and soul into what you are creating, you get a truly priceless result. When you believe that nothing is impossible and your boldest wishes take shape, you understand that your journey was not in vain.

    We firmly believe that each person is capable of changing the world for the better. When we create products under the SPLAT brand name, we know that all the warmth invested in them makes your day brighter, happier and better.

    Our mission is to help people be healthy, good looking and successful.

    Yevgeni Demin

    General Director, SPLAT

    • Ideas

      Our ideas are born of dreams. We enjoy finding them and bringing them to life.


      We are truly happy when our friends, customers and partners share their fantasies and wishes; when they ask us to make something really necessary. That is how innovative products which have no peers worldwide are born. Our patents, scientific developments and products created on this basis fully confirm that fact!

    • Quality

      SPLAT’sr modern Quality Management System allows us to create innovative products which have no peers anywhere in the world.


      Our smoothly-running system for managing business processes and controls at the various stages from development to realisation allow us to be 100% certain that SPLAT products are effective, safe, and, most importantly – made with love.

    • Environmental commitment

      We value every opportunity to safeguard the ecology of our planet, and for that reason the products we produce do not contain ingredients which are harmful for human health or for the health of the planet.

      Environmental commitment

      SPLAT reduces its environmental footprint by implementing and constantly improving its systems of environmental management. We do not test our products on animals. Only modern and safe ingredients go into our products.

    • The result

      The high effectiveness of all SPLAT products has been confirmed through testing in leading institutes of Russia, EU countries and Japan.

      The result

      Each of the products is aimed at a complex solution of certain tasks. Quick implementation of innovations and ‘sensitivity’ to market demands help us to create a new standard of quality in the categories of oral care, baby care & home care.

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